Counseling & School Psychology Clinics


Confidentiality is assured to all individuals. As the lab is a training facility, all counseling and supervision sessions are video recorded to be used as training tools. In using the Lab, clients or appropriate guardians must grant permission for the sessions to be video recorded. The DVDs are viewed by students and their supervisors. Practicum or internship classes use the recordings to review student progress. All video recordings are kept at the Lab in a locked room. The recordings do not leave the building. If there is a need to view the DVD in a practicum or internship class the academic instructor requests the release of the recording and will transport the DVD to and from the class meetings. DVDs are erased or destroyed at the end of each semester unless counseling is continuing the following semester. If counseling sessions continue past one semester, DVDs are erased or destroyed when counseling services are terminated.


All information obtained from clients (including DVD recordings) is treated with the strictest confidence. No information will be transferred to any individual or agency without the prior written approval except for the following situations:

  1. If there is reason to believe that a client will harm herself/himself or others;
  2. If there is reasonable suspicion of child or elder abuse or neglect;
  3. If a court of law mandates the release of records or a clinician's verbal testimony;
  4. In a case of a medical emergency in the Lab, when transport of a client to a medical facility must be arranged, others would likely become aware that the client is receiving services at the Lab.