Counseling & School Psychology Clinics

General Information

History of the Counseling Lab

The original Counseling Laboratory began in 1967. This laboratory consisted of three observation counseling booths that were equipped with two-way mirrors and microphones allowing a supervisor to observe the current session. The content of the original session was limited to role play situations between counselors in training. No services were available to the public.

In 1988, the Department of Counselor Education began the first video laboratory. This laboratory consisted of one counseling room, which provided the counselor with a video recording of the session. This allowed the counselor to receive supervision at a later date. Very limited counseling services were available to the public for the first time.

After the combination of the Department of Counselor Education and the Department of Educational Psychology, one need of both departments was to increase experiences in the area of counseling and assessment. The Counseling and School Psychology Laboratory is able to accomplish this goal by providing counseling experiences and assessment training with supervision to students in these areas.

The laboratory provides six counseling and testing rooms that allow for video recording of all sessions. This capability allows for both direct observation with immediate supervision as well as delayed supervision. Larger rooms with recording capabilities are available for group counseling.

The laboratory is designed to provide practical experience for counselors/school psychologists-in-training and to offer counseling services and psychological assessment to the Mississippi State campus and local community. Students are able to observe counseling sessions, practice their skills, and provide and receive supervision services in the lab. Typically, faculty and doctoral students supervise master's students and doctoral supervisors are supervised directly by departmental faculty.