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Ph.D. Degrees in Counseling

Course Sequencing and Student Progress

Each doctoral student enrolled in the program is assigned a faculty advisor who assists the student with course selection and navigating through to successful defense of the doctoral dissertation. Each student is strongly encouraged to communicate frequently with his/her advisor. Coursework provides a balance between theory, practice, and experiential learning. The course sequence varies depending on the students' enrollment status (full or part-time) and enrollment in summer classes. The program can be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. Most full time doctoral students complete the program in three years, including summers. Academic and professional development evaluations are made of all doctoral students each semester to ensure ongoing professional growth and completion of coursework in a timely manner. There are other important requirements for the doctoral degrees in counseling at Mississippi State University. It is the student's responsibility to know them and to make sure his/her program of study conforms appropriately to these requirements. When in doubt, the student is urged to consult with his/her faculty advisor at all times.