Department Programs

Educational Psychology Program

M.S. Degree in Educational Psychology

Educational Psychology is the science of learners and learning and draws upon rigorous research to apply psychological principles to educational issues. Educational psychologists are interested in areas that affect students' learning, engagement, and motivation. The concentration in General Educational Psychology is designed to prepare an individual for employment in research, teaching, and service settings.

The M.S. in Educational Psychology with a concentration in General Educational Psychology is a planned program consisting of 35 hours of coursework.

Program Check Sheet

Core EPY

Methods, Statistics, & Research

Choose 6 hours of PSY and EPY courses in consult with your advisor. Some recommended courses include:

Thesis option—substitute for 6 hours of courses (electives and EDF 9453) – discuss with advisor

Recommended for admissions
9 hours behavior science in undergraduate courses
We make decisions based on entire admissions application.