Department Programs

Rehabilitation Counseling

Every Counselor Education student is expected to meet the program common core, emphasis area knowledge, and skill requirements. Opportunities for students to meet these requirements will occur in the classroom and during the practicum and internship. You will develop and demonstrate knowledge and skills in the following eight common core areas.

The gains each student makes in the eight program common core areas are a function of the degree the student is pursuing. Students enrolled in the doctoral degree programs are expected to have a greater understanding of the issues in each of the program common core areas than candidates for the Masters degree. The understanding students have gained will be assessed by faculty in the classroom through course assignments and examinations and through the comprehensive, qualifying, and preliminary examination processes.

Rehabilitation Counseling Objectives

1. Students function effectively as certified rehabilitation counselors.
2. Students understand the medical, psychological, and vocational effects of chronic disability as well as accommodations that may be made in the work place and community that promote integration of people with disabilities.
3. Students use specialized job placement skills that enhance the probability of successful careers of people with disabilities.

Rehabilitation Counseling Degree Programs