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Student Affairs Administration Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

Applications for Fall Admission are due March 1; special consideration will be given to those interviewing to be Graduate Residence Directors: deadline: April 1.

Spring and Summer admissions are not accepted except in unique circumstances and only with an accompanying Graduate Assistantship.

The following admission criteria are set forth by the department and program:

1. Submission of a completed application which can be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies at
2. Submission of official transcripts.
3. Submission of competitive Graduate Record Examination (GRE) verbal, quantitative, and analytical writing scores.
4. Submission of a personal statement describing your interest in the program and your career plans.
5. Submission of at least 3 letters of recommendation from individuals who can provide important information about your education, skills and abilities, and professional character.
6. Submission of your professional resume - highlighting Student Affairs experience (if any).

Before entering the program, students must have good computer word processing and writing skills. Students without these skills are expected to obtain them before they begin their formal coursework. Candidates are required to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in coursework. No graded work below a "C" is acceptable towards the requirements for the degree.

Students submitting their application for program admission should have a minimum of a 3.0 GPA, with a strong GRE score, personal statement, and detailed recommendation letters.

The Master of Science degree in Student Affairs prepares students for positions in all areas of student development services in higher education. The program consists of coursework related to student development theory, counseling, and programming for student services.

Information about Student Affairs coursework is found in the Graduate Student Handbook at

Student Affairs in Higher Education (48 semester hours)

I. Counseling Core Curriculum (18 hours)
COE 8023 Counseling Theory
COE 8013 Counseling Skills Development (prerequisite: COE 8023)
COE 8043 Group Techniques/Procedures (prerequisite: COE 8013)
COE 8203 Placement and Career Development
COE 8063 Research Techniques for Counselors
EPY 8263 Psych Testing in Educational and Related Settings

II. Student Affairs Administration (15 hours)
COE 8553 Student Affairs in Higher Education
COE 8523 Student Development Theory
COE 8543 Legal Issues in Student Development
COE 8563 Introduction to Assessment in Student Affairs
HED 8113 Administration of Student Personnel Services in Higher Education

III. Field Experience (9 hours)
COE 8053 Student Affairs Practicum (prerequisite: permission of advisor)
COE 8730 Student Affairs Internship (prerequisite: permission of advisor)

IV. Electives (6 hours)
*HED 8123 University and Community College Governance
*HED 8143 Seminar in University and Community College Education

*One of these two electives is required as well as one additional 3-credit elective.

You will choose an elective based upon your career objectives and discussions with your advisor. The faculty advisor must approve your elective. Electives may have an administrative or counseling emphasis.