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Educational Specialists Degree Program in Counseling

The Educational Specialist degree (Ed.S.) in School Counseling is a planned program of a minimum of thirty (30) semester hours above the master's degree under the direction of a major advisor and two committee members. Many students enrolled in Educational Specialist degree programs are seeking higher levels of certification or licensure. Students must have a master's degree (in any field) before applying for the educational specialist degree in school counseling.

Students who completed a master's degree from a non-CACREP program will be required to complete, from Mississippi State University, any course work that MSU students take as part of the CACREP approved master's program in counseling. These courses may be included in your Educational Specialist Degree Program of Study. Students from an academic discipline that was from a related field may be required to complete the equivalent of a master's degree as part of the Ed.S. program of study.

Departmental Educational Specialist Degree Requirements

To be accepted for the Educational Specialist's degree program, students must have a master's degree, a recommended minimum GPA of 3.3 on all graduate course work, and satisfactory GRE scores.

The following planning guides can assist in determining courses needed for the EdS degree.

EdS Degree Seeking Licensure - for students who have a master's degree in an area other than school counseling

EdS with School Counseling License - for students who have a master's degree in school counseling