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M.S. Degree in School Counseling

60 Graduate Credit Hours Required
Courses taught in the school counseling program use the College of Education's Conceptual Framework for General Advanced Programs. The school counseling program is accredited by both the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Council on the Accreditation of Counselor Education (CACREP). This program of study prepares individuals who wish to work in a pre-K - 12 school setting as a school counselor. In addition to completing coursework, licensure requirements include passing the PRAXIS 1 general exam and PRAXIS 2 exam for school counseling.

Core Curriculum Courses (24 Hours)
Course Code Course Name Hours
EPY 8263 Psych Testing in Educational & Related Settings 3
COE 8013 Counseling Skills Development (Prerequisite: COE 8023) 3
COE 8023 Counseling Theory 3
COE 8203 Placement and Career Development 3
COE 8043 Group Techniques/Procedures (Pre: COE 8013, 8023) 3
COE 8063 Research Techniques for Counselors 3
COE 6903 Developmental Counseling and Mental Health 3
COE 8073 Cultural Foundations in Counseling 3
COE 8303 Family Counseling Theory (Pre: COE 8023) 3
COE 8633 Psychosocial Rehabilitation 3
COE 8703 Principles of Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
School Counseling Curriculum (9 Hours)
Course Code Course Name Hours
COE 8903 School Counseling Services 3
COE 8923 Seminar in School Counseling (Pre: COE 8903) 3
Select only one of the Following Electives
COE 8913 Counseling Children 3
EPY 6113 CBehavioral & Cognitive Behavioral Interventions 3
EPY 8253 Child & Adolescent Development & Psychopathology 3
Field Experience (9 or 12 Hours)
Course Code Course Name Hours
(Select the appropriate set of practicum/internship hours)
*COE 8053 Practicum [100-hour] (Prereq: COE 8023, 8013, 8043, 8903) 3
*COE 8730 Internship [600-hour] (Prerequisite: COE 8053) 6
**COE 8150 Acad Yr. School Counseling Practicum [600 hours] 6
**COE 8740 Acad Yr. School Counseling Internship [600] 6
* Students who hold a standard Educator License
** Students without a standard Educator License
Suggested Electives (3-6 hours)
Course Code Course Name Hours
COE 8173 Counseling the Gifted Student 3
COE 8183 Utilizing Art in Counselling 3
COE 8363 Psychological Aspects of Disability 3
COE 8373 Medical Aspects of Disability 3
COE 8623 Advanced Law & Ethics 3
COE 8803 Crisis Response in Counseling (Prereq: COE 8023 3
COE 8773 Counseling the Chemically Dependent Client 3
COE 8783 Counseling he Chemically Dependent Family 3
Other (must be approved by advisor prior to enrolling in course) 3
A maximum of 9 semester hours may be transferred from an accredited institution with faculty advisor’s approval

*Students who do not hold a standard educator license must complete a 600 hour practicum during the fall semester and a 600 hour internship during the spring semester of their final year. These students will have 3 hours of electives and students who do hold a standard educator license will have 6 hours of electives.

Professional Experience
In addition to all academic requirements of the Department, the College of Education, and the Graduate School, student should attempt to make full use of their graduate experience and are encouraged to demonstrate professional commitment to the field of School Counseling. Membership in professional organizations, as well as presentation and attendance at local, state, regional, and national conferences and workshops are strongly encouraged.