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Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Program Requirements

The program requires completion of sixty (60) graduate hours of academic course work to include counseling core courses, specialty courses, electives, clinical experiences, and successfully passing the Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE). 700 hours of clinical experience done in a clinical mental health counseling setting is required. Students are required to maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA in coursework and have good computer word processing and writing skills. No graded work below a C is acceptable towards the requirements for the degree.

Counseling Core Coursework 24 Hours
COE 6903: Developmental Counseling and Mental Health
COE 8023: Counseling Theory
COE 8013: Counseling Skills
COE 8043: Group Techniques and Procedures
COE 8063: Research Techniques for Counselors
COE 8203: Career Development and Placement
COE8073: Cultural Foundations in Counseling
EPY 8263: Psychological Testing in Educational and Related Settings
Specialized Courses Coursework 15 hours
COE8730: Principles of Clinical Mental Health Counseling
COE8633: Psychosocial Rehabilitation
COE 8303: Family Counseling Theory
COE8803: Crisis Response in Counseling
COE 8773: Counseling the Chemically Dependent Client
COE 8783: Counseling the Chemically Dependent Family
Clinical Coursework 9 Hours
COE 8053: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Practicum
COE 8730: Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship
Elective Coursework 12 hours
with 9 having the COE prefix
Elective coursework includes but is not limited to the following counseling courses: Counseling Sexually Abused Clients, Utilizing Art and Art Therapy in Counseling, Spirituality in Counseling, Grief Counseling, Gender Issues, Issues in Aging, Counseling Elderly Clients, Advanced Legal and Ethical Issues in Counseling, Counseling Children, and Counseling Gifted Students.